Hypnosis and Sports Psychology

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In the 28 years Dr. Neuger has been in private practice, he has worked with high school, college, and high performance amateur and professional athletes including athletes at the U.S. Army’s World Class Athlete Program at Fort Carson, Colorado, and those residing at the Olympic Training Center in downtown Colorado Springs.   He has worked with hundreds of athletes ranging in age from 12 to 65 from a multitude of sports including:

  • hockey
  • archery
  • taekwondo
  • diving
  • gymnastics
  • judo
  • golf
  • wrestling (freestyle and Greco Roman)
  • billiards
  • running
  • body building
  • triathlon
  • karate
  • and more…


Dr. Neuger brings his expertise in clinical hypnotherapy to the sports psychology work he does with athletes who routinely find the hypnotic techniques he teaches them to be very helpful. In addition to hypnosis, Dr. Neuger also teaches athletes cognitive behavioral techniques (CBT) that have proved to be very effective in enhancing sports performance.  The combination of CBT and hypnotic techniques is very powerful in helping athletes bring forth their optimal performance on a more consistent basis.  Dr. Neuger also provides effective therapeutic interventions to assist athletes remove emotional and psychological roadblocks to their best performance.

Dr. Neuger is a Fellow of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, former president of the Colorado Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and a former Associate Editor of The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis.

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