Hypnotic Smoking Cessation

Have you been trying and trying to stop smoking?no-smoking-946544-s[1]

Have you been able to quit for a short time but returned to smoking?

Have you stopped smoking but became frustrated with the weight gain?

Dr. Neuger’s smoking cessation program has helped hundreds upon hundreds of people successfully kick the habit and maintain a healthy weight.  In fact, an informal follow-up several years ago revealed that up to six months after treatment with Dr. Neuger, approximately 70 percent of those he had treated were still non-smokers!

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Dr. Neuger’s smoking cessation program involves only four (4) hours of time over six (6) visits.  Treatment includes:

evaluation and education

self hypnosis for improved coping and success

direct hypnotic suggestion along with a personalized self hypnosis cd

follow-up and support as needed


Call Dr. Neuger today at (719) 219-6220 and get back to a smoke-free life!

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