Self Hypnosis for Effective “Stress Hygiene”

Colorado Springs psychologist Dr. Gary Neuger has been helping people heal emotionally, psychologically, and physically for over 28 years. His main area of expertise is clinical hypnotherapy which he uses to help people with a wide range of complaints.


“You may think smoking cessation and weight loss when you hear the word hypnosis, but I find it helpful with almost anything for which you would seek psychological assistance,” says Dr. Neuger. In addition to helping people stop smoking and losing weight, Dr. Neuger uses clinical hypnotherapy to help people with anxiety, depression, sports performance enhancement, academic performance, trauma, relationship problems, stress management, acute and chronic pain, and to facilitate healing and recovery from auto accidents and surgery, and coping with chronic medical conditions.


Dr. Neuger talks about the importance of what he calls “effective stress hygiene.”  “There was a study in the 1980s that suggested 80% of first visits to family practice doctors were for stress-related disorders. Given the high levels of stress that most of us deal with in this day and age, it is critical that we manage our stress as effectively as possible. This is one of the easiest and least time intensive things that we can do to help ourselves stay healthy.”


“Learning how to do self hypnosis for relaxation and stress management is very easy. So is learning how to integrate it into almost anyone’s busy day to day life. It only takes a couple of sessions.”


“Just yesterday, I was speaking on the phone with Christina Salvo who used to be a news anchor on our local TV channel, Fox 21. Several years back I had helped her heal from a severe snake phobia and she had our sessions recorded for a news piece that she was doing on hypnosis. She told me that to this day, she still uses the self-hypnosis I taught her.”


Dr. Neuger uses a combination of hypnosis and EMDR to help people who have survived trauma and those dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He also enjoys helping athletes to consistently get the best performance out of themselves and finds that most athletes who incorporate the techniques he teaches them enjoy substantial improvement in their performance.


Dr. Neuger’s office is at 422 E. Vermijo Ave., conveniently located in downtown Colorado Springs at the corner of Wahsatch and Vermijo. He can be reached by calling (719) 219-6220, or on the web at